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Christo Nieuwoudt

Christo Nieuwoudt
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Hot Rod Tow Truck

Afternoon Drive: Hot Rods & Rat Rods Photos) - A hot rod is a specific type of automobile that has been modified to produce more power for racing straight ahead. The hot rod originated in the early.

tweaked version of the Dodge Power Wagon by Legacy Classic Trucks

Legacy Power Trucks is a company based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They produce some serious conversions like this awesome Legacy Power Wagon, a completely modernized version of the Dodge Power Wagon. The mean American truck is like a Dodge Power Wagon

land rover

Land Rover Defender called the "Ice Rover." The staggered roof rack lights are nice looking. The tires must be for soft tundra, as all the Icelandic LR have big tires. Big tires are not usually good for snow and mud, so I don't quite get whats happening.