#Africa. I've been to morocco, but I definitely want to see more of Africa!

This is a photo of elephants walking in front of a sunset in Africa. I like this picture because the elephants are both silhouetted and reflected into the pool of water. The orange color from the sunset makes the photo feel very pleasant and warm.

Sunset...South Africa

Autumn sunset, Leelanau, Michigan USA The awesome reflections on the wet road of the beautiful colors is great. Like when our spirit is a reflection of the Glory of God's Deep beautiful Love for us. Show His Beuaty through your thoughts and actions!

Sunset in Africa.

Before I die, I will travel to Africa and take a picture identical to this.except I can live without the elephant and bird. I honestly have always wanted a sunset picture with a tree exactly like this.

Texas Sunset

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Kruger Park Sunset, South Africa

Kruger Park Sunset, South Africa iPhone 5 wallpapers, backgrounds, 640 x 1136

South African sunsets..you can't beat it!

"Sunset in Africa - never saw a more beautiful sunset/sunrise than the ones I saw in Africa" The text of the pinner from whom I pinned. I have yet to see an African sunset.

Karoo farm with windmill and Aloes

Proudly South African - Karoo Aloe - a beautiful deep red when in bloom