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three red and white paper plates with shark teeth cut out of them sitting on a table
Workshops for Schools and Children
Shark puppet @Victoria Stull I saw this and thought of you! Don't know if you're looking for cute summer crafts, but these look pretty awesome.
a paper plate with an image of a swirly design on the front and side
Seahorse Paper Plate Craft w/template
Little Stars Learning: Seahorse Paper Plate Craft w/template-decorate and staple 2 together-fill with treats for secret pals
a paper plate shaped like a shark with its mouth open
Paper Plate Sharks
Cindy deRosier: My Creative Life: Paper Plate Sharks
how to make crystal geodes
How to Make and Grow Your Own Crystal Geodes - Cool Science Experiment
How to Grow Your Own Crystal Geodes - You can do any color, even use plastic eggs for a different look.
a paper plate shaped like a fish with hand prints on it
Under the Sea Theme - Hermit Crab Project great for Eric Carle's Home for Hermit Crab extension activity
there is a paper flower hanging from the ceiling
Coffee Filter Jellyfish
Coffee Filter Jellyfish. This would make a classroom look really cute for an under the sea unit.
three jellyfishs are hanging from strings in the air with ribbons attached to them
OCEAN THEME Craft, jellyfish Apologia Swimming Creatures // this would be perfect for summer semester @Kathy Watson!
three jellyfishs are hanging from strings in the air with ribbons attached to them
Cute jellys
a table topped with pink paper cut outs and red googly eyes on top of it
The kids loved their lobsters for a sea craft. Fun and easy!
paper plate crab craft for kids to make
15 Creative Ocean Crafts for Kids
Ocean Crafts | Fantastic Fun & Learning
an animal's paw and foot print in sand with a seashell on it
Step 1 Place backboard on the front of the frame and attach with rubber bands and lay frame face down on newspaper. Step 2 Fill picture frame with sand. Step 3 Smooth out sand. Step 4 Take child's hand or foot and press firmly in sand. Push gently on each finger, thumb and base of hand. The deeper the print, the better raised plaster print! Step 5 Mix plaster with one cup of water. Pour plaster mix into frame and smooth out. Step 6 Spread plaster to cover edge of wood frame. Let impr
a handprinted photo of a red lobster with the word jurc written on it
Handprint & Footprint Lobster for June - Handprint Calendar
Hand/footprint Lobster- will do during Ocean/ Sea animals unit.
the paper whale is being made with scissors
СИН КИТ от хартия
I can not read language for this craft, but the pictures demonstrate how to make this whale. Great for ocean and animal studies with whales. I would like to use it for Jonah and the whale bible story. Recommended by Charlotte's Clips
a blue bottle sitting on top of a white table cloth next to a glass vase
Ocean themed birthday party
Water, food colouring and oil. Both my children love these. You can easily make smaller ones with glitter and sequence inside for a nice calming effect.
there is a plastic plate that has been made to look like a face on it
Under the Sea Crafts and Learning Activities for Kids
Under the Sea Crafts for Kids- Fish Crafts inexpensive & cute