Back in the Saddle Again... - Mrs. Collier's Classroom

Back in the Saddle Again - Mrs. Collier's Classroom So. Who has time to maintain a website? However, I worked too hard on this stuff not to share with you. Here is a "Getting to Know You" worksheet for the first week of school.

"10 Reasons I Love You" book

Totally making these 10 Reasons I Love You books for my kids some time Father's Day idea?

Project Life Album, Craft Projects, Memory Album, Crafting, Memories, Mom, Kids, Infants, Children

Craft Projects, Project Life Album, Memory Album, Memories, Kids, Mom, Infants, Children, Kid

Wanted bits and pieces of things he loves. I think it will be fun to watch the packaging change over the years, the toys evolve, and the shoes grow…

Memories, Album, Kids, Infants, Children, Kid, Baby Boys, Remember This