Love this for a boys room! It's so true of most boys! My son already earning this definition with his screams of delight and getting into the dirt in my potted plants!


Smart car…

Little tikes smart car: Now allowing you to live your childhood memories. This is the only reason I would want to drive a smart car XD

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 63 Pics

Top 29 Collection Of That Go Viral This Year, Minions, citat. Home: Where I can look ugly and enjoy it, haha


If your dog doesn't like someone, neither should you. Most accurate first impression ever. If only I'd listened!


Ek dink daar is iets fout met my oê . ek kan myself nie vandag sien werk nie


Party mense is van die pad af

Klink dit soos iets wat jy sal sê?

Ek is nie vol fiemies nie - ek weet net wat ek wil hê.

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