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push yourself, no one else is going to do it for you. i think this one actually got me to do my work out after all, tonight.simple but so true

Bucket List for Girls: Have A Silly String Fight [√]

Take an artsy pic like this, then have us blurred in the background holding silly string cans

Pull a Prank | Fun Things to Do in the Summer for Teens

sticky note a car? Sneak out of a wedding reception and sticky note the bride and groom's car!

Make your own sprinkler for this summer. Use duck tape to attach to hose and just stab holes into a 2 liter bottle. {makes so much more sense than those cheap sprinklers that break after a week's use!}

Homemade Sprinkler ~ Made from Recycled Materials. Simple enough for kids to make. Great DIY to do with the kids this summer! What a cool idea.

You have to make this super easy Cotton Candy Drink Recipe - the kids love it and you only need 2 ingredients to make it!

Try this easy kid friendly cotton candy drink recipe. You only need 2 ingredients to make this yummy cotton candy drink recipe for kids. Links to other great kid approved drink recooked too!

Easy 4 Ingredient Watermelon Sorbet Recipe. So refreshing and full of yummy watermelon flavor.

4 Ingredient Watermelon Sorbet Recipe- Super simple to make. Perfect refreshing summer dessert or treat. 1 c water, 1 c sugar, 8 c watermelon Tbsp lemon juice (I'm going to try this with stevia.