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a chandelier made out of branches and mason jars filled with lights hanging from it
How to make a ca..!
✓✓✓Found materials and small trailing succulents can be combined to make a charming chandelier. Here... use the succulent variety Senecio radicans to create a gorgeous cascading plant display...!
a stained glass bee sitting on top of a piece of wood next to a fence
two stained glass bee ornaments hanging from a wire with green leaves in the back ground
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Honey bee decor, stained glass bee suncatcher, garden decoration, beekeeper gift, windows decor, stained glass ornaments, bee home decor #homedecor #stainedglass #suncatcher
three stained glass honeybees hanging from the ceiling
a piece of driftwood that has been made into a colorful stained glass window in front of a blue house
louisevdurham | Various
an old stained glass window is displayed on the facebook page for this photo, and it appears to be made from wood
Lovely stained glass mosaic window :D
a blue and green surfboard sitting in the grass
Kaleidoscope of the Sea - Cherrie LaPorte
Kaleidoscope of the Sea | Cherrie LaPorte