Ek sou seker steeds Bollie skelmpies gelees het as ek kon, al is ek nou in my 40's!!

Bollie - kid's animated comic book story in Afrikaans.


Do You Remember? -- Telephone numbers with a word prefix .(Edison rotary dial telephones, and party lines. -- If you can remember this, Then You Have Lived! Tell anyone who may need a break from their 'Grown-Up' Life . I Double-Dog-Dare-Ya!

Of soos Mia gesê het:  Elke buk 'n meesterstuk!

Of soos Mia gesê het: Elke buk 'n meesterstuk!

n Spesiale Outjie

Hy is die tipe outjie vir wie ek braaibrootjies sal maaak enige tyd en enige dag

My nou doodgelag vir die een!

Crazy Cool Hat this baby is funny and cute, another cute baby picture. From the site of the baby pics check back for more funny babies

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Baie waar!!!

Tyd wat verby is kan jy nooit weer terugkry nie

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