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an old building with christmas decorations on the roof
What It's like to visit Hamburg's Magical Christmas Market
Christmas Market Fun In Hamburg, Germany
the romantic ruins of heidelberg castle in germany with text overlay
Heidelberg Castle- Touring the Romantic Ruins
The Romantic Ruins of Heidelberg Castle (Blog Post) | Heidelberg, Germany
a map with many different locations on it
Romantic Road | Romantische Strasse | Bavaria
Romantic road - I'm dreaming of going back to Germany.
people walking up the side of a mountain with a house on it's top
Start A Fire
Hitler's Eagles Nest, Bertesgarten, Bavaria, Germany
a large white building with gold statues in front of it and people walking around the area
Endereço não encontrado - Erro 404
Linderhof Castle: Bavaria, Germany
an old building with flowers on the windows
Guide on Bacharach (our favorite German town)
two people sitting on a bench in front of a large white building
Impressionen aus Hamburg :: wolkenmond :: Unterwegs - mein Fotoblog
Hamburg Elbfront Jenisch-Haus
three people sitting on a bench in front of a building with stairs leading up to the top
Fotogalerie: Hamburg neu entdecken
Dockland - Hamburg hat eine Kaufmannsseele und jedes Vergnügen seinen Preis: Wer in Neumühlen dem Himmel nahe sein möchte, muss 140 Stufen ...
many houses on the hillside with trees in the foreground
Translate to English
Blankenese Treppenviertel Süllberg, Hamburg
a bridge that has a clock on the top of it and is surrounded by snow
"Germany, Hamburg, Old Elbbruecke"
a woman standing in front of a building with a clock on it
My Black Forest Cuckoo Clock
Black Forest, Germany. The big clock.
an old castle sitting on top of a hill surrounded by fall colored trees and foliage
Rhine River Cruise 2009
Castle Rheinstein, Rhein River, Germany
a view of a city with mountains in the background and trees turning yellow to orange
Hotel, Ferienwohnungen, Berchtesgaden, Urlaub, Königssee, Schönau, Bayern, Salzburg
Berchtesgaden, Bavaria
a pier at night with lights on and boats docked in the water behind it,