Infographic: Are you ready for sensors in healthcare?

How Innovations Using Sensors Can Disrupt Healthcare (infographic)sensors make sense in healthcare

Healthcare infographic

Scientists Save Healthcare (But They're Not From Med School)

Tech Infographics - The Human Body Infographic. Big Data in the Field of Health Care. The Power of Healthcare Data: The Body As A Source Of Big Data.

Infographic: Is Mobile Healthcare the Future?

The Rising Popularity of Mobile Health & mHealth Apps Infographic: The real issue is integration of mobile technology with routine medical practice. For Healthcare

Hospital Room of the Future

Medical Science has always been within the forefront of new technology.Future hospital rooms will be loaded with more advanced medical equipment to further improve heath care treatment.

Telemedicine Healthcare Jobs

Infographic: The Growing Field of Telemedicine

Did you know that health informatics jobs have increased faster than other health care jobs? View AU's infographic about telemedicine and informatics career opportunities.


Infographic: Telemedicine May Be of Service in the ICU

Digital Health: Your Health Is In Your Smartphone {Infographic}

How Is Your Smartphone The Future Of Digital Health And Mobile Healthcare?

Healthcare of the Future - Infographic

This infographic by Home Healthcare Adaptations explores new healthcare… - health infographics

Smartphone = Smart Healthcare?

The Rise Of Mobile Health Management Tools, Smartphones: Smarter Healthcare - Infographic

wearables infographic

Wearing Wellness on your Sleeve: How Wearables Are Revolutionizing Healthcare…

For 2016, MHA@GW has updated the 2013 infographic to see how the U.S. compares to the rest of the world in this category.

How does healthcare in the United States compare to the rest of the world? Find out in this updated infographic for

the best health technologies from CES 2016

CES 2016 : Digital Health Technologies Disrupting How Care is Delivered [Infographic]