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Satyr- this man right here is the number one example as to why I preferred my books over dating for so long lol

Humans With Horns Myth or Reality? Truth is Stranger Than Fiction! No not that horn!Real People with Real Horns on their heads!

Aanbieding by *Amdhuscias on deviantART

"Aanbieding" by Amdhuscias on DeviantArt. Fantasy art, satyr or Greek god Pan, with antlers and birds.

Beautiful Homemade Satyr Costume ... This website is the Pinterest of costumes

Maybe if I hang the horns on the sides I can use wire 2 mount them. I could also connect the ears 2 the horns

In Greek mythology, a satyr (UK /ˈsætə/, US /ˈseɪtər/, Greek σάτυρος satyros, pronounced [sátyros]) is one of a troop of male companions of Pan and Dionysus

We are calling Pan, the great powerful god Bucolic Pan, who is the universe of the world Sky, sea, dominant earth and immortal fire. 'Satyr' by Bruno Wagner