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Peacock Pirate Coat (without sleeves) | Store | Damsel in this Dress

"Damsel in this Dress' Peacock Pirate corset/coat (front). A different take on the corset with very lovely gold detailing. Sort of Renaissance-y. And steam punk. The damask pattern is awesome!

love it

Found in dark brown or black, layered over black pants and high laced black boots. Long dress with a hood, life complete

Ocean Blue  red riding hood raincoat .via Etsy. I am in LOVE with this coat!!!

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Daring Desert-Inspired Jackets - This Jacket Collection by Nicholas K Looks Comfy and Chic (GALLERY)

The end of humanity and other shit. Today I want to speak about well known postapocalyptic fashion and steampunk style. This time I want to show images what

I make a bag that would go great with this coat, take a look see what you think. You can find the coat here

Winter Coat GREEN cape Hood hoodie coat Hooded Wool Cape Cashmere coat double breasted button coat Hood cloak women via Etsy.