The number of adults using smartphones to monitor their health is expected to triple this year. As more patients get active, security remains top of mind.

The social people behind CDW Healthcare are doing a good job putting out some great content on social media. A great example of this is this Digital Patient Infographic that they recently posted: I.

Mobile health apps are set to transform healthcare in the coming years as indicated with the growth of the use of mobile devices to access healthcare information. In September 2011, 17 percent of cell phone owners used their phone to look for health or medical information online. In September 2012, this figure grew to 31 percent.

Infographic: Rising Popularity of Mobile Health Apps « Healthcare Intelligence Network

Wow, I wonder how this would look if interpersonal communication quality improved and day-to-day operations were more efficient? | Survey:76% of Patients Would Choose Telehealth Over Human Contact [Source: HIT Consultant]

Infographic: Digital Impact on the Healthcare Customer Experience - Results of a new Global Customer Experience Report from Cisco found that 74 percent of consumers are open to a virtual doctor visit. The survey studied the views of consumers and healthca

Rheumatologists Use of Digital

Rheumatologists Use of Digital Plan Infographic - Grafic Guru

Patient Data Flow in Accountable Care Model

Infographic: Patient Data Flow in an Accountable Care Model. This infographic examines the flow of patient data in an accountable care model as it begins in a doctor-patient setting and moves across different settings with a variety of goals.

Wearable Intelligence in Healthcare - doctor using Google Glass to access patient's health records

Wearable Intelligence in Healthcare - Biology, Anatomy/Physiology, Technology, Biotechnology, Medicine


ePatient 2015 Infographic: 15 Surprising Trends Changing Healthcare - digihealth pulse: Home of Future-Focused Health Consumer Research and High-Impact Virtual Digital Health Events

Google Fit vs Apple Healthkit

Cloud Infographic - The Wearable Tech Health Craze

Wearable Technology & Preventative Healthcare

Infographic: Understanding Wearable Tech and Preventative Healthcare wearable technology mHealth infographic

12 ways secure messaging is used in healthcare

infographic created by TigerText illustrates 12 ways secure messaging in healthcare is utilized in the

Future of Medicine

The healthcare sector is undergoing historic transition, spurred by the reforms of Obamacare and innovation in mobile, digital and nano technology. This VC Cafe post by Levi Shapiro covers a high level view on the trends in mHealth and eHealth.

Telehealth 2015 consumer survey

Infographic - Telehealth Index: 2015 Consumer Survey - American Well