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a stone walkway leading to a large building with a clock tower in the background at sunset
Prague like a fairytale
the sun is setting over an old city with many spires and statues on it
the eiffel tower lit up at night in paris, france with other buildings around it
swans and ducks are swimming in the water near a stone walkway with cobblestones
Swans on the Western Bank - Prague
the outside of a restaurant with pink flowers growing on it's windows and awnings
a street light hanging from the side of a tree next to a body of water
the eiffel tower is seen through trees in front of a wrought iron fence
31 Fantastic Things to do in Montmartre - Local Insider Guide
the sun is setting behind some trees with a bridge in the background
the statue of liberty stands in front of the eiffel tower
the city skyline has many spires and buildings on it's sides, as well as large white domes