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Dumb people don't care about safety. However, accidents are certainly unfortunate, at least we can learn something from these Darwin Award nominees. These Darwin awards winners confirm why women live longer than men. - Page 2 of 4

Only in South Africa...

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This is SO true . South African cops are pathetic!

and then in South Africa...

Leading Online South African shop in the UK

South African humour

Fasten your "Bra-straps" ladies, bumpy road ahead! If you have dentures, please remove them too. (Signs in Africa).

Hahaha! only in South Africa

One of the best ads ever! And yes only SA people will relate and chuckle . I Am An African, African Quotes, African Christmas, How To Speak French, Beaches In The World, Travel Planner, Afrikaans, Funny Signs, Hot Sauce Bottles

Nando's - South African advert. BelAfrique your personal travel planner -

This has got to be a Redneck BBQ Pool Party.

[Fwd: Only in South Africa]

...and the joke that is today's South Africa.

Jiva tattva das: Hilarious pics from India. Flying car made in India.

This prevention of theft.

"Love for all, heatred for none."