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a page with an image of a lion on it's back and the words leeu
Grade 5: Afrikaans Additional Language - Term 1 - Weeks 3-4: Skryf and Aanbied - E-Classroom
the worksheet for reading and writing with pictures on it, including an image of animals
Grade 3 : FAL: Afrikaans eu, oe, ie, ei, ou Klanke worksheet
a printable worksheet with words and pictures for the verbs in french
Graad 3 Afrikaans Werkkaart 04 TRAPPE VAN VERGELYKING Memo
the words in this poem are used to help students learn how to read and write
Graad 3 Afrikaans Werkkaart 06 Woordsoorte Memo
a printable poem with the words on it
Graad 4 / Graad 5 Afrikaans Werkkaarte ONTKENNING MEMO
the worksheet for word sort with an image of a teddy bear on it
Graad 3 Afrikaans Werkkaart 07 Woordsoorte
the addition worksheet with two owls and one owl on it's side
Mental Division Worksheet #5 -