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Worried about blood pressure and cholesterol levels? This celery beet juice has got you covered – and without the nasty side effects that come with most blood pressure and cholesterol-lowering prescription medications. The ingredients in this juice are perfect for naturally helping lower high blood pressure (hypertension) and improving your health overall. Beets Beets are …

This Celery Beet Juice Recipe Helps Reduce Hypertension And Cholesterol Without Side Effects

lower your cholesterol

High cholesterol can mean a higher risk of heart disease. Controlling your cholesterol levels lowers that risk and gives you an upper hand over potential heart-related complications. Read on to learn how to balance the

Probiotics May Help Control Your Blood Pressure

Mercola: Natural Tips to Control Hypertension or High Blood Pressure. Also cites insulin level, vitamin D, balance, exercise.

Golden Milk. Great before bed beverage. The Ultimate Pre-Bed Drink (great for insomnia)

Great before bed beverage. The Ultimate Pre-Bed Drink (great for insomnia, anti-inflammatory while the body is sleeping and repairing itself. Make a turmeric paste good for two weeks. Each recipe makes about two cups of golden milk.