Cauliflower Tortillas (just cauliflower, eggs, salt and pepper) - Need to try this.  More vegetables always = good

Cauliflower Tortillas (Paleo, Grain Free, Gluten Free) by Slim Palate. Warm and soft homemade grain free tortillas made with cauliflower.

this looks so easy!!

Homemade Flour Tortillas

This recipe for homemade tortillas has become a staple for me. It's pretty easy to make and taste great - Jazibe's recipes: Tortillas de Harina / Flour tortillas

Mac and Cheese muffins. Lunch box idea. Look at comments under recipe for variations :)

Start Recipes: Mac And Cheese Cups - need this to make the Halloween Mac & Cheese Easy halloween party food, halloween party ideas,

Italian Meatloaf! Oh my, this looks absolutely wonderful!! I love meatloaf... (and I love it even more the next day!)

The Best Italian Meatloaf

Homemade Italian Meatloaf- A tender and delicious Italian-seasoned meatloaf with mozzarella and tomato sauce.

Homemade Flour Tortillas - These were fantastic! Some tips for myself for next time: They cook perfectly with my stove set at 5.5 out of 10. The top couple of tortillas end up with crunchy edges in a covered container, while the lower ones stay soft all through. Maybe next time keep a damp kitchen towel on top of the stack in the covered container? ~M

Best Ever Homemade Flour Tortillas

Homemade Flour Tortillas, so easy, SO good! This recipe made 8 enchilada and 8 taco sized tortillas. enchilada or 24 taco).

No one, I repeat, no one makes South African Creamed Spinach like we do!! (Creme Fraische please!)

Try this recipe for creamed spinach. No one makes South African Creamed Spinach like we do! (Creme Fraische please!

South African bobotie - a delicious lightly curried mince bake topped with a savoury egg custard | #recipe #southafrican #glutenfree

Bobotie revisited

Bobotie is a classic South African dish of gently-spiced ground meat full of raisins which is then oven-baked with a layer of savory egg custard on top to form a crust and keep the meat moist. Tradionally it is served with Yellow Rice.

This looks really good!  Will have to try it soon!  Easy Chutney Chicken Recipe #chicken #recipe

Chutney Chicken

This recipe brings back extremely fond memories of Sunday afternoons in our house as I was growing up. I’d often be playing outside for a while, needing a water break and as soon as I entered the house, I’d find myself welcomed by the smell of my mother’s

South African Crunchies!!

The South African Cookie

Crunchies are something a lot of South Africans grew up with, like Hershey’s Kisses in North America, or hot, roasted chestnuts in Europe. Yet, I never ever thought that they were in fact a p…

Butternut with spinach, cheese and bacon filling | Gevulde botterskorsie-resep #recipe

Maak vinnige geregte vir aande wanneer jy laat by die huis kom en ete vinnige op die tafel moet verskyn.

Delicious South-African traditional drink, usually homemade ! #SouthAfricanRecipes #PineappleBeer #Drinks

Pineapple Beer

Pineapple Beer ~ Delicious South-African traditional drink, usually homemade. Not sure if it's really still beer but worth a look!

Classic buttermilk rusks. food

Buttermilk rusks

A 'sosatie' is a kind of South African kebab – but it is quite distinct from a Turkish kebab or a Portuguese/Brazilian espetada, particularly for two reasons:  the meat is marinaded in a sweet Cape Malay curry sauce before cooking; and the meat on the skewer is interspersed with vegetables and fruit.  - See more at:

Lamb sosaties revisited - and a BBQ event