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workout music

workout music -I do want to test this first - I hardly recognise any of these songs! But I do need motivation for a work out, so I figure if someone went to the effort of making a fancy sign they must be good

Pole Dancer Photography by Matias Marco Gorla - SNEAKHYPE

Photographer Matias Marco Gorla gives us a unique look at the strength, grace, and beauty of some very talented pole dancers.

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Polegasm: that intense wave of pleasure that goes through a pole dancer's body when he or she gets overly excited about a new move they have gotten for the first time, or seen for the first time.

Pole dancing for fitness

to think, I used to hold off on inverting until an hour into practice! Now it's the first thing I do after warming up and sretching - how else am I going to get the blood moving?

Pole Sessions offer a range of pole dancing fitness and aerial arts courses in Manchester.