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A Baby is Brewing Baby Shower Chalk BBQ Invitation

Custom A Baby is Brewing Baby Shower Chalk BBQ Invitation created by PurplePaperInvites. This invitation design is available on many paper types and is completely custom printed.

I like this idea for when baby is on back facing the mirror.  Change baby's position so that both right and left eyes get stimulated.

Babies love to look at themselves in the mirror and black/white images are stimulating to their brains. These are Montessori ideas you can incorporate into your nursery or play space.

Tips on how to use music to help your baby develop. Music therapy ideas for blind and visually impaired infants and toddlers.

Foundation Responds to music with body movements. Music and movement time is fun watching babies respond to what they hear.

Tummy Time Station - Pink Oatmeal

Tummy Time Station I love this set up for tummy time! Some great tummy time tips too!

Tape black and white printouts of patterns and faces by your baby's changing table, crib, etc. Our baby boy would stop crying and crack up every time he looked at his.

High contrast black-and-white patterns are perfect for a newborn’s visual stimulation and development. While adults can clearly distinguish between all colors, babies can decipher only the high contrast of black and white! Check out Bright Eyes baby blank