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Orange Mimosa Idea
INGREDIENTS orange juice champagne oranges or mandarins with leaves INSTRUCTIONS 1. Cut leaves off of oranges and wash thoroughly. Set aside. 2. Fill sphere-shaped ice molds with orange juice and place a leaf in the opening, making sure to cover the stem and a small portion of the bottom of the leaf. 3. Place in freezer for 4 hours, or overnight. 4. Carefully remove the top of the mold as not to rip the leaves. 5. Place in glass, pour champagne over the top, and enjoy!
Mesa de família estilo italiana 
@recantodasfloresbh Boho, Hochzeit, Mariage, Boda, Bodas, Wedding Mood, Wedding Mood Board, Wedding Flower Design
Mesa família com limão siciliano
there are many blue and white candies with green leaves on them
four vases filled with flowers and lemons on top of a kitchen countertop
Hydrangea Flower Arrangement- Hydrangea, Magnolia and Citrus
a table topped with cakes and desserts on top of a blue and white table cloth
a bar with drinks and flowers on the counter next to a chalkboard that says dinner bar
Bridal Shower Brunch Ideas & Inspiration | Hadley Court
the table is set with blue and white plates, silverware and utensils
Old World Style Vintage Italian Elopement Inspiration
small cups filled with different types of food on top of a glass counter topped with green olives
DIY Positano Themed Shower