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a man with long hair and beard sitting on the ground next to a white wall
Thilbo Heaven [18+] The Hobbit Slash
some drawings of people with different facial expressions
inchells: Archive
the hobbot movie is shown in three different languages, including one being carried by an eagle
Majestic Thorin (and Other Funnies from The Hobbit) - Wannabe Majestic Kili, Part 3
a group of people sitting around a table talking to each other
a drawing of a man with long hair kissing a woman's forehead while sitting on a bed
an image of a man with long hair and beards talking to another man who is holding
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some drawings are shown in black and white
an image of two men with long hair and beards, one wearing a helmet
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Sherlock, Superwholock
four different stages of the same scene in an animated style, each with two people and one
an image of some kind of cartoon character