Braaibroodjies: Tegnies nie geskiedenis nie, maar 'n belangrike deel van ons kultuur...

South-African "Braaibroodjie" MUST be done on an open fire (coles only) for that BBQ taste! Served with braaivleis (meat on the fire)

You know you're African when ...

Applies mainly to South Africans - and it's so, so true! I had so many "tannies / aunties" and "ooms / uncles" growing up . A form of politeness for adults that the rest of the world has pretty much lost / left behind.

Amarula Coffee Dom Pedro

last time it was amarula, whiskey, coffee and chocolate/chili liqueur for the brave. Next time there will be ice cream.

Easy mieliebrood (sweet corn bread), good texture, but very plain taste. Would add herbs or spices next time.

Makes 1 loaf 1 can g) cream-style sweetcorn 2 eggs, beaten 5 ml t) salt 60 ml c) warm.


Although Im not one, I can relate a little. Pity so many have p****d off to NZ and Aus. Hell, they fought the might of the British army. What changed?