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DIY Painted Stone Ladybug - ruggedthug

Crafts for kids DIY Painted Stone Ladybug -this could be a great housewarming party craft idea. Have everyone paint a stone and use them in your new garden.

Fill pitcher with bubble soap and have easier less mess way to refill bubbles

DIY: Bubble recipe and refill station. Love the idea of reusing plastic cups from restaurants as the containers. Keep the bubble solution confined to one big refill container, and no worries about leaky, yucky containers hiding all over the house!

Kegeln ohne viel Aufwand! Einfach ein Ball und ein paar Flaschen holen und es kann sofort kann es losgehen:)

Make a backyard bowling alley. Add food coloring to clear plastic bottles of water. Use party streamers as lane margins. Add glow sticks for night bowling. (These would make great outdoor table nightlights also with the glowsticks, gonna try it!

Fairy it!

Collect rocks, pebbles and stones on your next trip to park and beach. Make hand painted rocks, rock painting, painted pebbles, painted stones & stone art.

10 Rock Games for Kids - So many clever summer activities for kids using rocks!

MFWK Lesson 19 R is for Rock: 10 DiY outdoor games even kids can make, including checkers, tic tac toe, & more. The bonus is that these are all games you can make with rocks and stones!