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a frying pan filled with food on top of a marble counter next to a napkin
Fuzzy Melon (Moa Gua) with Vermicelli Recipe
Fuzzy melon with vermicelli is a classic Chinese homestyle dish prepared with mung bean vermicelli, dried shrimp, and Chinese sausages. Fuzzy melons are available all year round but there are more varieties during the summer. This recipe is nut-free.
the cover of hot sweet pepper jelly with strawberries and other fruit on the side
Hot Sweet Pepper Jelly
Possibly considered to be more of an appetizer or a dip, Hot Sweet Pepper Jelly is easy to prepare and makes for a quick and easy appetizer or ingredient. These are canned using the water bath canning method, which couldn't be easier! This post will walk you through every step. #hotpepperjelly #hotandsweet #sweetpeppers #canning #preserves #jelly #cannedjelly
a white bowl filled with vegetables and the words smoked vegetables easy recipe on a girl or smoker
Easy Smoked Vegetables Recipe on a Grill or Smoker
Smoked Vegetables are a super versatile summer side dish. You can easily make them with any number of vegetables, at low or higher heat, and in a smoker or on a grill.
french toast casserole on a plate with blueberries
Brioche French Toast Casserole Recipe
This Brioche French Toast Casserole is perfect for breakfast or brunch and is made with buttery brioche bread. The french toast casserole can be assembled the night before or the next morning when you plan to serve it. This easy recipe is perfect for special occasions! Many times a breakfast casserole is great because it can be assembled the night before and popped in the oven the next day.
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This may contain: slow cooker roasted poblano corn chowder with text overlay that reads slow cooker roasted poblano corn chow
Slow Cooker Roasted Poblano Corn Chowder Recipe
This slow cooker summer soup recipe is perfect for using those fresh garden vegetables! The fresh roasted poblano peppers in this creamy corn chowder give it just the right amount of smokiness and the potatoes make it hearty enough for an easy main course.
grilled chicken and salad recipe on a plate
The Perfect Summer Salad: Grilled Chicken Salad Recipe
Looking for the perfect summer salad recipe for grilled chicken salad? This is it. A simple marinade and quick grilling makes this boneless chicken breast ideal for topping any type of salad.
12h 8m
scoops of vanilla ice cream served in a white bowl Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Recipe, Peanut Free Desserts, Breyers Ice Cream, Frozen Treats Recipes, Baked Desserts, Gluten Free Ice Cream, Vegan Ice Cream Recipe, Bean Ice Cream, Summer Potluck
The Creamiest Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Recipe - Nut Free
My vanilla bean ice cream recipe is better than the recipes in the ice cream maker manual. I’ve tested it many times and have figured out how to make it creamy and delicious. The Creamiest Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Recipe will become your family favorite this summer. It's the perfect dessert for your next summer potluck or BBQ or ice cream sundae.
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two jars filled with canned pizza sauce sitting on top of a cutting board next to fresh herbs
Canned Pizza Sauce
A really good pizza comes down to two things - the dough and the sauce. The topping are secondary to those! Canned Pizza Sauce is the answer to preparing a pizzeria style pizza at home. Make a batch, store it in your pantry, and make delicious pizzas at home for a fraction of the cost! #pizza #pizzasauce #canning #preserving #pantry #tomatoes
two white bowls filled with pasta and tomatoes on top of a wooden table next to vegetables
Marinated Bruschetta Pasta
This is the ultimate summer pasta salad! Fresh tomatoes are marinated with olive oil, garlic, red onions, and balsamic vinegar before being tossed with cooked pasta and fresh basil. A terrific way to use your best summer fresh tomatoes! #pasta #summerpasta #bruschetta #pastasalad #tomatoes #summertomatoes #tomatorecipes
this easy dump peach cobbler is the perfect summer dessert
SUPER Easy Dump Peach Cobbler Recipe
If you love fresh, juicy peaches, then this recipe for Easy Dump Peach Cobbler is perfect for you! You'll never want to make it any other way! Makes a great fast and easy summer dessert!
spicy jalapeno chicken on a white plate
Spicy Jalapeno Chicken
Spicy Jalapeno Chicken is a crispy fried chicken in a thick, sweet, savoury, and spicy sauce; this recipe is most certainly for the spicy food lover. Prepared with a light and crispy coating, this chicken can be as spicy or as mild as you like - it's really up to your personal preference! #friedchicken #jalapeno #jalapenochicken #spicychicken #chicken
japanese style cold noodle salad on a white plate with text overlay that reads, hiyashi chuka
Hiyashi Chuka: Japanese Style Cold Noodle Salad
Hiyashi Chuka is a Japanese ramen salad that is perfect to eat when it’s too hot to cook or you need a meal that is easy to prep ahead and serve. It’s also a great recipe for potlucks and picnics. Hiyashi chuka is typically made with fresh ramen noodles (which may contain egg), but I use dry ramen, udon, or soba (which don’t contain egg in the ingredients) interchangeably depending on what I have in my cupboard.
blueberry pancakes on a white plate with text overlay
Blueberry Pancake Recipe
I’ve been working on making fluffy blueberry pancakes and have tips to help you too. These are great for a brunch or make extras for a quick heat and serve breakfasts on busy mornings before work or school. Make these delicious and easy pancakes today or save the pin for later.
zucchini lasagna rolls in a white casserole dish on a wooden table
Zucchini Lasagna Rolls
A little lighter on the carbs, Zucchini Lasagna Rolls are prepared by rolling thinly sliced zucchini with spinach, egg, three cheeses, and seasonings. Baked in marinara sauce, don't be fooled by this healthier dish; it is both filling and robust! #zucchini #zucchinirolls #lasagna #lasagnarolls #zucchinilasagna #lowcarb
an image of instant pot pasta with chicken and spinach in it on a plate
Instant Pot Bruschetta Chicken Pasta - Healthy Hearty Recipes
Instant pot bruschetta chicken pasta is a quick and healthy pasta meal that can be made gluten free and dairy free. The homemade bruschetta uses only six fresh ingredients and, when coupled with the seasoned chicken and pasta, makes for a delicious meal any day of the week. With the ease of the instant pot, this fast, no mess pasta, is sure to be a hit! #instantpotpasta #instantpotchicken #homemadebruschetta #30minutemeals