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the ceiling is covered with stars and lights in a dark, dimly lit room at night
Fiber Optic Panel Star Ceiling
a large flat screen tv mounted to the side of a wall in a living room
Building a media feature wall with a wall mounted electric fire and wall hung TV
an empty room with unfinished walls and wood flooring in the process of remodeling
Echo (4th Gen) | With premium sound, smart home hub, and Alexa | Charcoal
a large screen in the middle of a room
Home Theater – Part 5
a home theater with blue lighting and chairs
an empty home theater with two recliners and a projector screen in the corner
Zillow Learning Center
a home theater with two recliners in the center and speakers on the wall
Basement home theater - hometheater post
two black leather recliners sitting in front of a projector screen
25 Home Theater Ideas That Will Make You Jealous | Sebring Design Build | Design Trends
an overhead view of a light fixture with measurements for the beam and strip lights on it
How To Install Elegant Cove Lighting From Crown Molding