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the tea time sv files are available for use in your design projects and scrapbooks
Tea Cup SVG Bundle | Designs For Tea Lovers Mug Cut Files
Tea time SVG Bundle - MB30 example image 2
an advertisement for hot wheels parking only on the floor next to a child's bed
Hot Wheels Cars & Track sets | Mattel Shop
Park all their Hot Wheels in one place with this DIY under-the-bed storage unit. Kids can start their adventure on the top play area and end wherever their stories take them. Find out how to make it for your kids here.
a person holding a stuffed animal in their left hand and the other hand with it's eyes closed
Holland Lop Rabbit pattern by Claire Garland
Ravelry: Holland Lop Rabbit pattern by Claire Garland
an open book sitting on top of a wooden table
How to Create Meaningful Photo Books (she: Amy)
create meaningful photo books
the free kitchen printables are available for purchase
Free Kitchen Printables
Darling Free Kitchen Printables! I am in love with these. Must print and hang asap.
the free kitchen printables are available for purchase
The Happy Housie is under construction
Free Kitchen Printables
two hands holding yarn and knitting needles
Some basics in crochet for you, before I start showing you the pattern for the sisterhood crochet blanket squares
step by step how to crochet - I know all this, but she breaks it down so well I thought I'd pin for when I try to teach people!.
an organized pantry with instructions for how to store food in the pantry and what to use it
5 Step Ultimate Guide: How to Organize the Perfect Pantry
Pantry Tips!
a calendar hanging on the wall in a room
14 DIY Organization Projects - A Little Craft In Your Day
D.I.Y. project: Find a frame from the dollar store, use paint swatches for the background colors and layout a calendar format. Then use dry erase marker on the glass.
two mason jars with straws that say i'm so fancy and i'm so fancy
DIY 'Fancy' Mason Jar Tumbler
DIY "Fancy" Tumbler. I love this! It's easy, cute and would make a great gift!
the instructions for making a glass jar with labels on it, and how to put them in
How to make your own decals to apply to anything you can imagine!
several hands reaching for papers on top of a table covered in photos and newspaper clippings
DIY Photo Transfers on Wood
Learn how to transfer your favorite photos to wood with out DIY Photo Transfer Tutorial!
the process of painting flowers with acrylic paint
How To…Make Your Own Paper Flowers
Stacks and stacks of old magazines? Turn them into a beautiful bouquet of #DIY flowers!