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a patchwork quilt with hearts and flowers on the front, along with red leaves
a table runner made out of old quilts and fabric, on the floor in front of a wooden frame
a close up of a piece of cloth on a wooden table with a tie hanging from it
Quilting A Strip-Quilted Potholder - A Tutorial - Lois & Clark Connection
January is half over and winter is in full swing. I am busy planning for this year. In the winter months and all year really I have quilting projects on the go. I find that quilting is a therapeutic activity. I like small projects on days when I just have a small amount of time. … Read more...
a close up of a quilt with many different patterns
Patchwork block with a plethora of plaids? Check. #KimDiehlQuilts #SimpleWhatnotsClub7 #MergedPatchworkBlock #HelpingHandsPrintsAndPlaids #HenryGlassFabrics
a woman sitting at a table working on a quilt
#mystashymystyle challenge is extended!
Jeni's blog from the Willow
a quilted wall hanging with a house on it's side and the words welcome
the table is covered with quilts and sewing supplies
Seeing Hearts
Candy Hearts Runner ~ pattern by Cherilyn
a counter made out of wooden pallets in a garage
Pallet Console Bar • 1001 Pallets
Pallet Console Bar DIY Pallet Bars
a red and white quilted bag with hearts on the front, along with a rose
Bolsos de patchwork (Foto 7/25) | Ellahoy
four patchwork placemats with birds on them
Happy Birdies Mug Rugs
Happy Birdies Mug Rugs by listen to the birds sing, via Flickr
four placemats with different designs on them
Jogo Americano Country
.placemats or mug rug possibilities.
three quilted placemats sitting on top of each other
a cup of coffee sitting on top of a table next to a red and white quilt
Cute little Valentine mini quilt. Maybe make it into a little table runner or placemat