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a bunch of potted plants sitting on top of each other
pop up cafe @ design files open home
melbourne cafes photo blog: pop up cafe @ design files open home
a flower shop with lots of potted plants and flowers in front of the store
willow heart and wings - an idea for our storefront in CdA @Liza Lewellen
many potted plants are on display in front of a store
a room filled with lots of vases and flowers on top of a wooden table
Shopfittings with the perfect aroma - finance them to get the effect
several baskets filled with flowers sitting in front of a store
Design Notebook: Paris's New Order
Flamant for interior design in Place Furstemburg in the 6th
a woman arranging flowers in a vase on top of a wooden table next to shelves filled with potted plants
I had the most magical day in the shop teaching @fridakim_london SO much smiling, what a fantastic person she is.
a room filled with lots of potted plants
Welcome to an inspiring flower shop. Our experienced staff are on hand to create the ultimate gift of flowers to cater for your individual needs. We offer a large variety of hand tied seasonal bouquets, trendy pots and special interior items. We offer flower delivery in the Stockholm area, and the rest of Sweden/the world. …
an outdoor garden shop with lots of potted plants and flowers in the front window
Blomsterskuret ~ An indescribably cosy "flowers shed." Martin Reinicke is the flower decorator and a master of creative ideas in working with botanicals; with attention to the slightly more arvant-garde plants; wonderful eye toward extra beautiful bouquets. #Copenhagen #Blomsterskuret #Vesterbro
a woman standing in front of a store on the side of a road next to a brick building
oh how I long to live in europe for a while... maybe I'll take a small step by moving someplace else first. then some place else across the world.
a store front with many flowers in the window
Scenes from Paris - Monmartre, St Gemain des Pres ,Ile St Louis.
Florist store front
two sisters home store front with chandelier in the window and furniture on display
Two Sisters in London
Visit this store in London in honor of my sisters who just be listening to me and laughing along...make me feel at home. Love you Jennie and Christine!
the logo for floral therapy, a boutique flower design company that sells flowers and herbs
a window with the words nest in gold lettering on it and a blue curtain behind it
nest on fillmore | san francisco