Love Karoo

"Long desert highway leading into Death Valley National Park from Beatty, Nevada." Photo by Glenn Nagel. I've driven that road so many times! I see the tailings ponds for the Bullfrog mine.


Film Is Awesome Sauce

Prickly pears - the fruit of the cactus. It's a delicious fruit to eat (peeling is quite an art because of the tiny thorns on the peel)!

Karoo sunset -- South Africa

Karoo sunset -- South Africa -- reminds me of the Texas Panhandle

Karoo night sky - shooting star

Reason why we love South Africa - a Karoo night sky with a shooting star caught on camera.


Miles and miles of sweet blow all or so it seems if you disregard the vignettes of incredible scenery and the bossies (bushes) and birds . that's the South African Karoo

Tanqa National Park, Karoo, South Africa

eartheld: ““ Tanqa National Park, Karoo, South Africa David Chancellor ” mostly nature”

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