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When I was a kid, I played in the huge cast iron kettle my Grandpa used to water his cows. If the wind wasn& blowing one of us kids would go up and spin the blades.

I really want a windmill

Stock Photo titled: Dirt Road To Remote Farmhouse And Windmill In Utah Desert, unlicensed use prohibited

http://www.donnamckellar.co.za/Donna_McKellar/Gdisposition  Karoo

Karoo landscapes by Donna McKellar, South African artist

Affie Plaas Windpomp Afrikaans www.stickart.co.za

Windpomp, so eg Afrikaans.

Windmills Silhouettes vector free

I haven't been in the farm to look at the design Snowball was said to have designed but I believe this is what Snowball designed