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Charmaine Kruger
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type 4 is associated with Melancholic or Winter, not that Melancholic faces are square or rectangular in the Greek system, Mercurial types have long thin noses, Saturnine types have aquiline noses

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type 3 is associated with Choleric or Autumn, the Choleric face according to the Greeks is triangular, unless an Apollonian subtype in which case it is oval, Prominent pointed or aquiline nose

(cropped for pinterest expressingyourtruth blog) some of the shapes together (carol tuttle #dyt, taylor b sinclaire illuminessensce, john kitchener psc. carol tuttle wrote in it's just my nature book that she was originally typed as a "Tone 3" by taylore b sinclaire at an illuminessensce class & used her mom's notes from john kitchener psc to make #dyt, so it makes sense shapes are similar in these systems. segerstrom shapes also similar to these.

In this video we learn that many Tone IV women wear brown and in between colors to soften themselves and cover up their true nature, which others often make .

One suit 5 looks

I've been reppin' this style since forever, 'bout time someone appreciates it--> For "sexy casual" love the grey sportcoat, navy/white gingham check shirt and dark jeans. Make sure he gets them hemmed! I will pin each item separately too