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a clean and modern resume template with green accents on the front, blue trim around the edges
Resume/CV by ThemeDevisers on @creativemarket
chocolate covered strawberries and heart shaped cookies on a cooling rack with hearts cut in half
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Hearts
Great idea! Can't believe I didn't think of this before having seen it on Pintrest....
two pictures showing different ways to decorate a cake with red and white polka dots on it
White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake - Cooking Classy
How to make hearts in a cheesecake
a cupcake with white frosting and red sprinkles has a heart on top
Cupcakes de Corazones (San Valentín)
Cupcakes de Corazones (San Valentín) - Cupcake Creativo
chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting and fresh strawberries on the top one
Give Your Sweetie the Sweetest Treat with a Handmade Valentine's Day Dessert
46 Easy Valentine’s Day Desserts - Best Recipes for Valentines Day Sweets