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three glass vases filled with plants and lit candles on top of a white surface
How to make floating greenery votives
a sign that says for this child we pray and god has created us
Grace While We Wait: Happy Gotcha Day, Sweet Selah! | Baby baptism, Adoption party, Christening party
a bunch of wooden beads with crosses on them
Style 1 / Included 5 Rosaries / Rosary Favors / Baptism / Communion / Pocket Rosaries - Etsy Canada
Style 1 / Rosary Favors / Baptism / Communion / Pocket | Etsy
a cake decorated with white icing and pink ribbon that says god is cross carved into it
Rose Baptism Cross
Rose Baptism Cross All BC with Fondant Banner
a box filled with cookies covered in frosting next to a white ribbon on top of a table
First Communion Favors Labels, First communion Party Labels, Holy Communion Favors Labels, First Holy Communion Favors Labels