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Charlize Fouche

Charlize Fouche
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Featuring natural colors and clean lines, geometric wall shelves yield center stage to the items stored within.:

RH TEEN& Hexagon Wood Curio Shelf - White:Crafted of solid wood in a variety of geometric configurations, the clean lines of our shelving yield center stage to the items stored within.

I like the four boards in the square pattern. Maybe white board, calendar, and 2 corks above desk maybe

When it comes to dorm decorating, there are a lot of rules that are enforced differently depending on the school. For the most part, leaving behind damaged walls is highly frowned upon by residential life—take it from someone who& been there, a.

TOTALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD LOVE THIS! So would my sissy Julia! Haha

It's impossible to choose pale blue or pastel pink! Vintage VW camper vans, perfect for an adventure

Floral embroidered White Nike Air Force Ones

Sometimes I forget that I'm human and have physical feelings. Smh I just put my hand into the oven and pulled out a hot tray and burnt myself HAHA