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a white mannequin head sitting on top of a piece of cake covered in icing
Making A 3D Bust Cake: Spider-Man
Making A 3D Bust Cake: Spider-Man Use rice crispy instead of a wig holder to make the whole thing edible.
various types of pipe fittings for drainage and vent
Seputar Pipa PVC
pvc 1 fitting
the diagram shows how to install a water heater with two different types of pipes
Cake Sculpting with Rice Treats and PVC
How to Sculpt Edible Structures with Rice Treats, PVC Piping, and Modeling Chocolate | Wicked Goodies
an image of a woman with blue hair and make - up on her face in various photos
Buste d'exposition, polystyrène sculpté modelage pâte à sucre et ailes et décorations en pâte à sucre
a statue of an egyptian woman wearing gold and blue makeup, with leaves in the background
My piece for Egypt Land Of Mystery collaboration! The Goddess Bastet (Goddess of home, domesticity, women's secrets, fertility, cats and childbirth) often depicted as a cat This is an actual cake and will be a tutorial on www.sugargeekshow.com, released on Dec 1st :) VERY in-depth with information on how to color the face and anatomy of the body
a close up of a statue of a woman with orange hair and blue eyes wearing a fairy costume
Fairy - Artisan Cake Company
a close up of a cake with a woman's face on top of it
Artisan Cake Company
Mermaid Queen Cake - Artisan Cake Company
a chocolate cake with whipped cream on top and the words sugar geek show over it
Chocolate Skull Demo & Bust Cake Tutorial
Learn how to create a bust cake using a chocolate skull mold as a base and a dense, sturdy chocolate cake to carve down. Step-by-step instructions, easy to follow and fairly simple even for newcomers! Click through to see the full video >>> sugargeekshow.com
a figurine is wearing a headdress and holding her hand out to the side
Aileen - Cake by ChokoLate
many different images of mannequins and heads on display
The Making of Jon Snow Bust Cake
Stunning bust cake of Jon Snow (Game of Thrones) by Sheila Haughie. See youtube!!