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PEANUT BUTTER POPCORN: Butter With A Side of Bread

easy, no thermometer caramel peanut butter popcorn loaded with salted peanuts and chocolate chips


Are people tired of the unicorn trend yet? I have yet to make an actual unicorn cake, which is still on my list. But for today…I’m all about this Unicorn Popcorn!

great popcorn recipes

Second Thursday - National Popcorn Day - 25 Delicious Popcorn Recipes. Popcorn is such a versatile make lots of different sweet and salty treats

Above ground pools can be even more beautiful than their expensive counterparts!

Your house is defined by its interior as well as its exterior. Most people focus on decorating the inside of their homes and forget about their backyard. In fact, paying attention to your backyard is as important as decorating the inside of your home.

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Spraying epsom salt on plants boosts magnesium supply to plants & increases yield. GARDEN HACK: Spray 1 TBLS epsom salt mix with 4 litre of water twice with 10 days gap for good results. Use for growing tomatoes, peppers & roses

How to Grow a Lemon Tree from Seed

lemon tree, very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet, but the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat

garden and plants - how to propagate succulents from leaves Importante. No cubras con tierra las hojas de suculentas pues se pudren. Sólo déjalas en la superficie.

"garden and plants - how to propagate succulents from leaves Importante." This is by far the best informative instruction for propagation that I have found.

DIY Hanging Succulent Ball Sphere Planter Instruction- DIY Indoor #Succulent #Garden Ideas Projects

DIY Hanging Succulent Ball Sphere Planter Instruction- DIY Indoor Garden Ideas Projects- could use fake succulents for no maintenance indoor decor

Honeycomb is easy to make at home but care is needed as the hot toffee expands very quickly and can burn the skin if spilt

Basic Honeycomb Recipe Ingredients: 1 tbsp oil for the baking tray butter sugar light corn syrup 2 tsp baking soda I use to make peanut brittle with this or Dip honeycomb in chocolate for a special treat.