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a person is reading a book with their hand on top of the book and touching it
Fun Bible Games for Youth
Games should have a purpose, and I see none better then teaching students the Bible!
the icebreakerr game four corners is written in black on a white background with an open hand
Icebreaker: Four Corners - Women's Ministry Toolbox
The four corners icebreaker game is one of my favorites! It's quick and easy. It will get people up and moving. Read the full directions here.
several young people are standing on the edge of a wooden floor in front of an audience
Seminary-Avoiding Temptation
Paper Plate Game - team building activity for youth
a child is sitting at a table with a box on it
Bil bakalım oyunu
three birds sitting on top of wooden posts with the words, the symbolism of birds in the bible
Birds In The Bible: A Fascinating Look At The Symbolism Of Doves And Sparrows
Birds in the Bible. A look at the symbolism of birds in His Word. Doves and sparrows in Scripture and their meaning with verses. #birds #Bible #symbolismintheBible #Biblesymbolism #birdsintheBible #faith #Biblestudy #Christian #Christianity #Christianwomen #Christianwoman