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Wrap a gift in pages with grey print (stock pages for instance) or a book, and paint on it. Add a string and tag.

I don't think I'd ever be able to do this, but it is just plain beautiful! "idea for a card with reused dictionary paper.this beauty was a the transluscent look of the coloring on the top stamping of dogwood flowers.

Top 5 Actually Best Ways to Lose Weight Fast & Properly Today (You Really Need… by hael

Monday 20 Squats 15 Second Plank 25 Crunches 35 Jumping Jacks 15 Lunges 25 Second Wall Sit 10 Sit Ups 10 Butt Kicks 5 Push Ups Tuesday 10 Squats 30 Second Plank 25 Crunches 10 Jumping Jacks 25 Lung…