Chante Du Preez

Chante Du Preez

Chante Du Preez
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he estado viendo este apilados cola de pescado y mini trenza combinado en todas partes! Desde siempre en la parte de atrás de mi mente pensé que sería divertido compartir cómo iba el estilo. Diadema de trenzas son una gran manera de añadir un poco de algo extra a tus favoritos rizos u ondas. Para …

I’ve been seeing this stacked fishtail and mini braid combo everywhere! Since it’s always in the back of my mind I thought it’d be fun to share how I would style it. Headband braids are such a great way to add a little something extra…

Punch and Kick your calories with this Tae-Boxing workout by

I had so much fun creating this workout for you guys! Hope you enjoy! Feel free to give me your feedback and email me you have any doubts.

Striped shirt, white jeans, and sneakers.

Christmas is almost here but I already have the holiday mood. Decorating a Christmas Tree and a house, isn& it great? Get some Christmas inspiration including outfits and some holiday magic with my new article.