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a young boy standing on top of a dirt field under a dark sky with clouds
Pokot girl with giant necklace - Kenya
BUCKET-LIST <3 Awe, must go <3 Africa | Pokot Girl with a traditional necklace made from the stem of an asparagus tree. Pokot live in the Baringo district, in the Western Pokot district in Kenya and in Uganda. | © Eric Lafforgue
a woman wearing a brown dress and headdress standing in the desert with her back turned to the camera
Royalty-Free Stock Photos, Creative Images & Vectors | News, Fashion, and Entertainment imagery - Getty Images
Africa | People. Namibia, Kaokoland, woman wearing traditional Himba attire, rear view. Photo taken by Kerstin Geier.
an african woman with large hoop earrings on her head
Pictures of Mali - Djenne-countryside-0008 - Peul (Fulani) girl with huge earrings
Africa | PEUL (Fulani) girl wearing traditional earrings. Djenne countryside. Mali | © Willem Proos
an african woman with bracelets and rings on her arm, holding onto a piece of metal
A Bohemian Life
The traditional attire of Datoga women, South Africa
an african man wearing a blue and white outfit with a wooden hat on his head
South Africa
Africa | An Ndebele woman carries a traditional beer container, Limpopo Rural, Limpopo, South Africa. | © United Nations...colors and pattern
some people are standing on top of a hill with spears and arrows in their hands
traditional Africa