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Season designs

They didn't provide instructions to achieve the end result, so I'll fill in the blanks: *paint entire canvas (the color you want the leaves to be) * place leaves over the canvas and spray paint the desired background color (lighter than color, idea

Quick n Yummy

Sobremesa mais fácil do mundo --- Jell- O parfait de morango com 3 ingredientes bricolage alimento sobremesa. / Easiest dessert in the world --- Jello- O strawberry parfait with 3 ingredients

Cloud 9 DIY

These 3 simple and cool tutorials will teach you how to make a cloud at home. Try these diy cloud decorations ideas with your friends and family to make your party decoration unique.

Shay looks gorgeous in a bodysuit! | Pretty Little Liars

Shay Mitchell: "Shooting with my favorite couple. & and Carlene K of course." Makeup by Carlene K.