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someone must know how much I love drawing my babies happy. I am loosing my ability to can.

Percabeth by Viria - The Heroes of Olympus Fan Art - Fanpop

I touch on you more and more every time because I'm begging you not go

After a long day I'll come home and fall on you like this saying "I need your love today"

Media Tweets by Chén ✨✨ (@7tasse) | Twitter

Saeyong x MC (Mystic Messenger)

anime tumblr black and white love - Tìm với Google

reminds me of ao haru ride .

Kagura x Sougo

Kagura x Sougo

Monokuma + Monomi | Danganronpa

Dangan Ronpa Photo: Human Monobear and Usami

anime, love, and couple Bild

Imagen de okikagu, anime, and gintama

mystic messenger image

anime couple and mystic messenger image on We Heart It

Cute couple.

D-don't disturb my ice cream! I-i mean me.

sleep, couple, and anime image

sleep, couple, and anime image