Boer Bok

Country Woman At Heart. Country means many things, to many people. Nothing though can beat the beauty of the countryside, the animals, the plants, mother nature in all her glory.


Om dankie te sê

Did you know that people who document what they are thankful for reap health and emotional benefits? Dr Robert Emmons, a psychology professor at the University of California, Davis, in the US, shares his tips on how to keep a gratitude journal

Geloof is...

The Lady in Pink by Twiggs Photography. Gives me an idea of picking up an old bike off the side of the road and painting it any color. You could hang it or more than one on a wall for VERY CHEAP art work.

Beste tyd van die somer

Beste tyd van die somer/winter/herfs/lente of sommer ALTYD!

South Africa, Afrikaans, Grandchildren, Nostalgia, Beautiful Things, Childhood, Infancy



Afrikaans ♡

Aanvaar dit wat is, laat gaan dit wat was, vertrou in dit wat kan wees.

Lata taladrada convertida en pantalla de lámpara.

DIY table lamps made out of tins & plastic tops and more tins…made by Elli D and Jannie Uitlander.