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an airplane being worked on in a factory with people standing around and looking at it
The Only Surviving Horten Ho 229 - "Hitler's Stealth fighter" | War History Online
an old diagram shows the different types of fighter jets
The Horten Ho 229 (often erroneously called Gotha Go 229)
four pictures of airplanes flying in the sky
Futuristic Flying: Brilliant Prototype & Concept Airplanes - WebUrbanist
an air force jet flying through the sky over land and fields in front of a city
an old black and white photo of a man working on a large machine in a factory
Krupp Räumer S. One of the strangest German vehicles discovered after the war was a huge four wheeled device built by Krupp. This vehicle was built in 1944. It weighed in at 130 tons and was support by 2.7 meter diameter steel wheels. The huge vehicle pivoted in the middle to keep the vehicles turning circle a reasonable distance. Each half of the Räumer S was powered by a 12-cylinder Maybach HL90 engine. The only finished Krupp Räumer-S was captured in Hillersleben in 1945 by the Americans