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Have you wanted to delve into aquaponics but didn’t want to spend too much money? Did you want to try aquaponics but just don’t have a big area in your yard to set up a large system? Here’s the perfect opportunity to dip your toe into the aquaponic life for only a very small outlay …

The Definition Aquaponics is based on productive systems as they are found in nature. It can be loosely described as the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics and this is where the name aqua-ponics originates.Hydroponic systems rely heavily on the ca

This fun aquaponics project will bring the whole ecosystem into your home! #DIY

There are many different type of aquaponics systems. These include media based, NFT(nutrient flow techinque) and DWC (deep water culture). Use this infographic to help choose the right system for you.