fiber optics top

Luminous fabric and fiber optic fabric items for decoration, clothing, special events, architecture

EBook Reader with Free 3G internet connection. And a keyboard for notes.  I got mine already.  I love it.

Not so gloomy: The publishing industry has expanded in the past three years as Americans increasingly turned to e-books and juvenile and adult fiction, according to a new survey of thousands of publishers, retailers, distributors.

LEGOs in electronic form.

Little bits - like an electronic Lego! “making electronics components into LEGO©-like bricks that could be used by anybody, even the technically ungifted” -New York Times

Raspberry Pi. A $25 computer. It is meant for educational purposes similar to the days of Commodore64

Raspberry pi factory - Each board spends a short while at the test bench

HALO 4 Limited Edition. I need to save up $100 for it.  Or should I just wait for another edition.

Halo 4 também vai ter edição limitada (e multiplayer com história)

32GB for $20 on April 18th. I'm getting it.

Transcend JetFlash 500 USB Flash Drive Here at the hive we anything computer here :D

Binary Watch. The ONE watch I will ever wear. ZERO doubt about it.

ThinkGeek :: LED Binary Watch Does anybody really know what time it is? If so, I can't imagine why they'd want to be without a way to read binary from the convenience of their wrist.

Code mix. QR  Oh, this will be your Favorite.  Give it a try. Scan it.

QR Oh, this will be your Favorite. Scan it.

Perfect workout buddy. This Bluetooth device comes with headphones, but you can plug any headphones with a 3.5mm jack (standard).  You know I bought this for my workout

The Samsung offers good-quality stereo Bluetooth and somewhat lesser quality mono Bluetooth audio in a single, affordable headset.

Binary Clock. Hard to understand, simple to master. Great for a computer class.

Hard to understand, simple to master. Great for a computer class.