BrewDog Jet Black Heart Oatmeal Milk Stout - Yuppiechef

We search the world of kitchen tools to bring the very finest culinary assets to your South African doorstep.

Liefmans Gluhkriek 750ml - Yuppiechef

Liefmans Gluhkriek, - LIEGLUKK in the Beer category was listed for on 15 Jul at by Yuppiechef in Cape Town

BrewDog Cocoa Psycho Chocolate Stout - Yuppiechef

BrewDog Cocoa Psycho Chocolate Stout

Welcome to the world of Cocoa Psycho, a liquid dimension where pure indulgence reigns.Originally brewed some 250 years ago to celebrate the Russian Royal Family

Fullers London Porter - Yuppiechef

Fuller's London Porter

The London Porter is a rich, dark and complex beer that has a good depth of flavour, with roasted malt, chocolate and coffee notes.

Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale - Yuppiechef

Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale

Red Rice Ale: Beautiful hazy pink colored ale, which is brewed with ancient red rice. The ale has complex Sake like flavors with a hint of strawberry in the nose and palate.

Hitachino Nest White Ale - Yuppiechef

Hitachino Nest White Ale

A refreshing, mildly hopped Belgian styled beer with a complex flavour of coriander, orange peel, and nutmeg.

Brouwerij De Poes - Yuppiechef

Brouwerij De Poes

It might seem rude to our South African eyes, but in Dutch, the land of this brewery's birth, it simply means "The Cat". This unfiltered Belgian blond beer cont

Liefmans Fruitesse Fruit Beer - Yuppiechef

Liefmans Fruitesse Fruit Beer

A unique blend of beer and berries, this artful combination is both fresh and tasty. Lightly sparkling with a soft, foamy head and a pleasant, sweet taste and l

Liefmans Kriek Brut - Yuppiechef

Liefmans Kriek-Brut

The Kriek-Brut is a mixed fermentation beer that represents the perfect marriage between the fresh accents and slightly acidic flavour of black cherries.