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Cecile Abrahams

Cecile Abrahams
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SPAR - Easy Milk Tart Recipe

With several shortcuts, you can still enjoy the creamy cinnamon flavours of this South African classic recipe in a fraction of the time and with very little fat too!

lemOn meringue pie

I, Jenna, made this last night for the fam and had one great reaction after the other. I added a few things here and there, but with comments like "this is the best lemon curd I've ever had!", you know this recipe can't go wrong!

[Martha Stewart] Mile-High Lemon Pie Recipe

Mile-High Lemon Pie-Martha Stewart Favorites This whimsical pie sets the bar high for taste and appearance: It has a zesty lemon filling -- Martha's favorite -- a flaky pate brisee base, and a glossy Swiss meringue crown. YIELD:serves 8 to 10