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an image of some white balls in the water
Action Alert: Tell the FDA To Stop Antibiotics In Animal Feed
an image of the inside of a tube with water on it and beads hanging down
Pond scum
an aerial view of some plants and algaes in the water, looking like they are floating
Massive proliferation of microbes
a set of different colored and black symbols for the design of logos or emblems
Flat dna spiral logo, logo design, abstract logo, DNA symbol
an image of some kind of animal that is in the dark room with black background
Antibiotic-resistant Germs: New Threats
an image of a cell phone with many different things on it, including the cells
Nerve cells, SEM - Stock Image - P360/0216
an image of the inside of a human stomach with small intensities in it
Fotografías de ciencia: la imágenes de la investigación del Cáncer del CNIO (FOTOS)
an image of some plants and other things in the dirt with water droplets on them
Tongue Bacteria, Sem by Steve Gschmeissner
two jellyfishs are floating in the water with bright lights coming out of them
Synapses + Neurons. This is what the inside of our…
a menu with different types of food on the side and in english, spanish, and french
Los organelos celulares, ¿para que sirve cada uno?
a glass bowl filled with lots of different things